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I was born in Germany, although I grew up in Spain, I am one of those lucky halfbreeds who get to live and learn two different cultures.

I started off studying Law, and I did actually get my degree but I knew all along that it was not my true calling. Finally in 1999 I started doing what felt right: I started working as a freelance illustrator.

Ever since I have been trying out different things and falling in love with different techniques. You can find my work mainly in children's books but also in magazines, CD Covers, exhibits and even on toys.


Selected Illustrator in the Sharjah Exhibition for Children's Books Illustrations. UAE 2017.
No.13 Picture Book Show of 3x3 Illustration Annual of Contemporary Illustration- Merit Award (USA) 2016.
Selected Illustrator in the Bologna Children's Bookfair 2014.


SM (Spain), Tres Tigres Tristes (SPAIN), Santillana (SPAIN), Ars Edition (GERMANY), Djeco (FRANCE), Editions Milan (FRANCE), Bayard Press (FRANCE), NordSüd Verlag (CH), Arena Verlag (GERMANY), Emons Verlag (GERMANY), Kireii (SPAIN), Usborne Publishing (UK), Campbell Books (UK), El Corte Inglés (SPAIN), Penguin Young Readers (USA), Narval Editores (Spain), Kyowon (KOREA), Abricot Magazine (FRANCE), Editorial Bruño (SPAIN), Batiscafo Editorial (SPAIN), Nick Jr. Magazine (USA), Moncho Ediciones (Argentina), Shambhala Publications (USA), Editions Lito (FRANCE), Scholastic (USA), Beascoa Ediciones (SPAIN), Ediciones Autor (SPAIN), Dada Company (SPAIN)


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